The pangs of old age is excruciating,

Being orphaned makes it worse and unbearable.


A helping hand to overcome this plight

Be a member of this community

Be a solace to the homeless and the orphaned.

Some people may argue of a promotion from Abhayam as a way of looking on to monetary benefits. We don’t blame such an attitude of people. In fact, there are numerous firms which take up huge amount of money for giving shelter to the elderly people. In this globalized world of Business firms, aiming a whopping profit ‘Abhayam’ stand as different and unique.

People in the old age and people who have nothing much to do or think cheerfully about life are treated with love and care, reminding of there own lost dear ones. The working process of Abhayam is in such a way that none of the inhabitants will feel like they are in an alien world or is sharing their experiences with strangers. Thus we act as caretakers only to people who are homeless, penniless and even look in for a helping hand from all respectable citizens of this country to get some medicines for their illness.
The services of intelligent doctors, unselfish caring of societal members and the fun loving atmosphere makes the inhabitants in ‘Abhayam’ feel like they are a family.

It has been a dream run for the organization. For the last seven years it has proved its mantle with the benevolent services of thousands of good minded people and is still trying to continue that momentum. It’s a dream for us to move away from a rental house to an independent building of our own and we expect sincere help, assistance and encouragement on this matter from all of you.

Our Account details:

Prabhatham Charitable Trust
Panjab National Bank
A/c No. 4302000100105312
IFSC Code: PUNB0430200

Abhayam Oldage Home

  • Phone
    +91- 9447014200
  • Address
    Near health Cente
    Kanayam Road, Kulappully,
    Shornur -2 Kerala