• A venue for the common art enthusiasts to experience the Classical art forms
  • Publicizing the Art forms like Drama, Light music etc.
  • Encourage the ethnic art forms of Kerala and support those artists.
  • Coordinating artists, art lovers, cultural activists and leaders against religious partialities.
  • Exploring talents of budding artists and encourage them.
  • Conducting cultural programs which encourage the budding talents among the common people.
  • Conducting seminars, debates on culture and aesthetics including eminent personalities from art scenario.
  • Conducting seminars debates, and speeches by cultural leaders and activists.
  • Arranging platforms to learn music, instrumental music, dance and drawing.
  • Coordinating young musical groups to conduct music concerts
    Honour and help out the veteran artists.
  • Conducting national and international classical music and dance festivals annually.
  • Conducting programs to create a new cultural perspective among school and college students.
  • Liberate youth from the claws of cultural impairment due to globalization.
  • Conducting Film festivals and workshops to create a new film perspective.
  • Associating with Central human resources department of India, Cultural Department of Kerala, Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi, Kerala Kalamandalam etc. for the development of folk, music, dance and theatre art forms.
  • To fight for the freedom of expression.
  • Associating with other social and public groups in the fight to uplift downtrodden and deprived people